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I have always loved fall. The crisp air, jackets and pretty sweaters, the leaves in beautiful colors, pumpkin latte, homemade soup! The holidays are right around the corner. But for many, the holidays are filled with disappointments and sadness not the happiness they anticipated. Unrealistic expectations and faulty thinking can sabotage our ability to enjoy life’s simple blessings. Nothing changes if nothing changes. You can change your life by changing your thoughts. You can learn how at Crossroads. Don’t procrastinate. Every day counts!

 The High Cost of Unresolved Emotional Issues

  • Broken relationships
  • Unresolved conflicts and wounds
  • Loss of passion
  • Loss of self esteem
  • Loss of dreams
  • Loss of hope
  • Loss of love
  • Unrealized potential
  • Parental failures
  • Loss of physical health
  • Sleep problems
  • Destructive addictive behaviors

On a scale of 1-10, how much do you want to change the high cost you are paying for your unresolved issues?

If you answered this question with an 8 or above, we can help!  We are scheduling for our September outpatient programs now.  All calls are confidential.